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The SattaMatka Game: How To Play?

Many individuals enjoy the SattaMatka game, and we from offer the "MAINMATKA", which players can easily play online with zero hassles. If the players play the game wisely, they will surely win a massive sum of money. 

In the online Matka sector, we have a massive userbase, and in 2015 we paid about 50 Crores. Since then, we have been offering massive pay-outs to all those players who get to win big time through our website. 

We are well aware of various websites conducting illegal activities online and are trying to lure many users for their funds. So, it's a request that you check the sites right before you think of playing the Matka game.

If you check us, you will find that the Matkamain site is licensed and registered by the law. We offer authentic SattaMatka games, and all our results are accurate. If you are interested in playing the Matka game, we advise you to learn how to play it first. You will learn how to play it through this article. 

Playing Online Matka: What Are The Steps?

Here, under this section, we have provided the step-by-step process of playing this particular game. These steps are:

1 Note You first have to complete the registration work on the registration page.

Note Once the registration is completed, you have to log in to your account by providing your log in details.

3: Note You have to submit a request through WhatsApp to deposit money. Our team will send you a Google Pay, PhonePe or an Account number to make the deposit. Once you have deposited the funds, you must take a screenshot and share it with us through our WhatsApp number.

4: Note After you provide the evidence of you depositing the funds, the money will get added to your account with immediate effect.

5: Note you will find that all the games available on the site have the "Play Now" option made available. Press on that button and start playing.While playing our games, if you get to win, you can cash out your winnings through PhonePe, Google Pay or the online banking method easily.

6Note : You cannot cash out or withdraw your winnings anytime you like. We have set up a withdrawal time, which is 6 am to 12 pm. Within that time, you have to cash out your funds. 

  1. Once you have opted to cash out your funds, they will be provided into your playing account before 3 pm, without any delay. 

Our Customer Support Team

On certain occasions, you might experience some problem or issue while playing. You should contact our customer support team through WhatsApp. Customers can also contact us at 07689904882, and we will surely pick up the call with no delay. Our team is available 24x7 to assist you. 

We have a team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced individuals. They have a good understanding of the SattaMatka game and will clear offer you effective solutions to all your issues, provide answers to all your questions and clear away your doubts. Our team will solve all your problems quickly so that you can go back to playing again. 

Forgetting The Password: What To Do?

If you happen to forget the password of your playing account, you can press the "forgot password" option. Doing so, we will send an OTP or One Time Password to your registered mobile number so that you can set up a new password. But it's advised that when you play on our website, you remember the password and mobile number because you need to use them to log in to your account. You can write down the password somewhere so that when you forget it, you can check the password and provide the correct one. 

Checking Out The Results

For customers to wish to check the Night results of the SattaMatka game, you need to look at the Jodi chart or the Panel chart zone. But make sure to check the results after midnight midnights. It's because that's the time we provide all the results. 

Apart from that, you will find the results of all the games on the homepage of our site. These results will occur 30 minutes before the last playtime takes place. So, we will suggest that you check out the homepage section from time to time if you wish to look at the games' results. 

We Are Registered 

We are also proud to announce that is the first ever site, which was registered in 2013. was our first platform. But back in 2015, we created, which is also registered. We also have a massive user base of 2000 members. 

Protecting Privacy And Information Of Customers 

We can surely guarantee you that we will provide all your winnings on time and you will not face any problems. Both our deposit and withdrawal methods are completely secured. We make sure that all the information of our customers, whether it's personal or banking, are kept securely. It's guaranteed that no unauthorized person or a black-hat hacker will be able to access the information. 

Play On Phone!

We do not just offer our customers to play through the desktop version, but they can play from their Android devices as well. This will enable them to play the Matka games on the go with no hassle. You can easily download our application from our website or the Google Play Store right into your Android device. If you are a new user, you must make a minimum deposit of INR1000 on the site to play the games. For the withdrawal or cashing out funds, all players can make a minimum withdrawal of INR 2000, and there is no limit when it comes to maximum withdrawals. 

Things To Keep In Mind

Right before you register to our site, we will suggest that you gain a good understanding of the online Matka. Having excellent knowledge about the game can increase the chances of winning massive funds. We would also suggest you provide accurate information when registering to our website. 





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