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Online Matka Play. Online Matka Main. Most Trusted Website In matka World. India Oldest Matka Website Matkamain. Fast Deposit Same Day Whithdrwal.

Matka Markets

OPEN 01:15 PM Kaveri Day CLOSE 03:20 PM
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Matka Markets

Online Matka Game Play Rates

  • Single 1 ka 9.5

  • Jodi 1 ka 90

  • Single-patti 1 ka 140

  • Double-patti 1 ka 280

  • Triple-patti 1 ka 800


Withdraw Time (6AM to 12PM)

Monday To Saturday
विड्रॉल सोमवार से शनिवार तक चालू रहेगा

Deposit Time (ALL TIME 24x7 )

All Day Deposits
डिपॉजिट सोमवार से रविवार पूरे दिन चालू रहेगा

Minimum Deposit - 1000 | Minimum Withdraw - 2000

Play Matka Online

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Play Online Matka

The Satta Matka “Matkamain” is an online Matka game that gives people the opportunity to earn cash by placing bets in SP, Patti, Jodi, Single, and DP. In this modern era, online Matka games have become extremely popular. This is mainly because people can easily play them at work or home, and they can either use the desktop or their smartphone to play the game easily and effectively.

Enthusiastic people who wish to play the online Matka should complete the registration work first. The registration process includes providing all accurate information and creating an account on Once you have made the account, you are ready to play the game by placing your wagers on any number on markets like Kalyan, Milan Day and Milan Night, Rajdhani Day and Night, and Madhur Day and Night.

Players can wager on other markets: Time Bazar Kaveri Day and Night, Chetak Day and Night, and Sangam Day and Night. Apart from these markets, there are several others available where people can easily play and win a good amount of cash. We, from, will recommend all our members start their play with a single digit, and they can enjoy the game and get to win money at the same time.

When you are playing the Kalyan Matka Satta Matka game for the very first time, and you are met with a loss, there is nothing for you to worry about. This is a game where people will either lose or win, but that doesn’t mean you should give up playing it. If you are passionate about winning, you will surely succeed by playing the online Matka games. As a player, you should keep trying as it can surely help you get a massive win.

Apart from that, the coolest part of playing online Matka games is that you can place your bets from anywhere. You just need your smartphone, log in to your playing account, and start playing the game without any issues. When you like playing online Matka games, you will certainly like what we from Matkamain have in-store. Our platform is a safe and secure place where people can play the Matka games without worries or hassle.

Our online Matka games can help you gain success, and you will surely gain a lot of funds if you play it wisely. You don’t have to feel down or frustrated even if you lose. As one of the leading websites for online Matka, we offer each of the members a small bonus. We show support to all our members through this bonus and increase their confidence to win the next time they play on our site.

You must play the online Matka game after developing an understanding of it. When you understand how the game works, it will become easy to win a good amount of money. Individuals who wish to try out the online Matka game must check out our site. Our online Matka game can provide you with an excellent gaming experience. We believe that playing wisely and dedication can help a person win in an online Matka game.

Frequently Asked Questions FOR ONLINE SATTA MATKA

1. What exactly is the Matka Game?

The online Matka or Satta Matka is a lottery-style wagering game, which was originated when people placed wagers on the closing and opening of the cotton prices at the Bombay Cotton Exchange. In 1960, Ratan Khari proposed that all the numbers return on paper, and people draw them from a Matka, a type of pot. This Matka-style game became a lot popular, and many people have started to play the game since then.

Even though the game became outlawed in 1961, this didn’t stop the people from playing the Matka game. To play the game, the market opened at 9:30 pm and by 12:10 am, the market for placing wagers was closed. This particular game became pretty popular in the country during that time, and Ratan Khatri was regarded as the founder of the game. Along with that, Kalyanji Bhagat introduced another market known as the Kalyan Matka.

This market is also known as the Worli Matka by many people. Ratan Khatri drew the number through the card, and only one number was picked to make the draw. The person who won the game was officially declared the winner by Kalyanji Bhagat.

There are many crucial tricks and tips for Kalyan Matka, Madhur Matka, Satta Matka, Time Bazaar and Mumbai Matka. Each of them is different for which they also have different methods when it comes to playing them. We from Matkamain offer some of the best online Matka games, such as Satta Matta Batta Game, Milan Day and Night, Primary Satta Game, and Gali Haruf Dishwar Satta.

These are the games that people used to play using the traditional method, but now, everyone lives in the digital era, in which all the things are available online. So, if people wish to play this particular game, they can access it through the internet from any device. This is something which was not possible back in the past. Apart from that, any number between 0 and 9 is used for wagering, and they come from the Single Digit Matka.

Any two pairs of numbers between 000 and 99 in a Matka game are part of the Jodi Game. When it comes to the wagering results, it comes in the form of 3-digit numbers. These 3- digit numbers are known as the Panna or Patti. For all the Matka Patti Game, only 3-digit numbers are used, and the results from the Matka game is separated into two parts. The first part is known as the Open Matka, and the second part is called the Close Matka.

The SP is known as Single Patti, and some of its examples are: 125, 136, and 146, DP is known as Double Patti, and its examples are: 114, 117, 558, and 667. There is also TP, which stands for Triple Patting and its examples are 666, 777, and 888. The last two numbers of the Patti are known as the Cycle Patti or CP or Motor Patti. For instance, if the Patti is 136, the CP or Cycle Patti will be 36.

2. How to play the online Matka Game?

The Satta Matka is a lottery-style game where the players have to place their bets on multiple numbers, and the Matka owner announces the Matka game results. The player or user will only win when the numbers are announced through the Matka markets. If the user’s number matches provided in the markets, they will win the game, and their winning amount will also increase through the online Matka system.

Many people are known as the “Bookie Owner.” These people are agents, middlemen, or the 3rd-party who work between the Satta Matka owners and the players. We from provide the online Matka game for all the players, and by using our online system, all the customers will surely benefit from it. The online Matka game begins when the player picks up the three numbers from the 1st set.

Just like the cards, players can pick any three figures between 0 to 9, for instance: 2, 5, and 6. These numbers are then added up to together, like this: 2 + 5+ 6 = 13. The first digit of the total number is dropped, leaving 3. The final selection of the numbers looks like this: 2, 5, and 6*3. After that, the players have to choose three more numbers from the 2nd set, just like they did in the 1st set.

You just have to pick any Matka market out of the ones provided on our site. The markets are available on the menu area on our site and then start bidding on the game that you like. You must choose a market according to their choice, and they can choose the Satta Matka Lottery Kalyan Mumbai market.

After that, they go to the menu area and choose the Single Patti Jodi Digit from our Mainmatka site. Follow the winning Matka calculation formula and then decide on the type of bet you want, such as Jodi Patti. You can choose the part like Patti 123, Jodi 15, and 10, under which you will place your wagers. Lastly, you just need to choose a market of your choice and then place your bet.

After placing the bets, you can check the results once they are out. If you win the game, the money you won will increase, and we will send the funds to your account without any delay.


The online Mainmatka is one of the most popular and well-known websites to earn money playing the online Matka game. This is a game of luck, and when you have the right calculation, you can surely make good money through it. This entertaining game will keep you away from tension or stress. It’s advised that you carry a good amount of money if you wish to play this game.

You can begin by investing a small amount in the Jodi Patti Single Game, which helps you maximize your earnings. Those who wish to earn a bit of extra money can choose any one of our markets to start playing. You need to deposit INR 1000 if you wish to play on our site. You can play many games on our sites, such as Single Patti, Double Patti, Single Digit, Satta Matkamain Online, Jodi Digit, and Triple Patti.

We will send all your winnings directly to your banking account. Otherwise, we can send the money through PhonePe or Google Pay. We guarantee to pay all your winnings in the given timeframe without fail. We also introduced R S Games, where you find all the Matka results. You will also come across the Satta Matka chart, trips and tricks of the online Matka, and many other things.

About us is a trusted and reputed website where people can play Matka online without any worries or problems. Our website was established in 2015 for all those individuals who like to play online Matka. After launching our online Matka website, it gained popularity among internet users.

We are proud and happy to declare that our site is the first-ever registered platform in the online Matka sector. These days, people cannot go out to play the Matka games, so we created a platform where individuals can play this unique game and win big time. We offer full rates, and each of our results is completely accurate.

Our customers can start by completing the registration work and then logging in to their account to start playing by picking out a Matka market from our site.


Playing online Matka games or online lottery through this website is prohibited in places or territories where playing lotteries are banned. Users below the age of 18 are not permitted to access the site. Copying content and information posted on our platform is illegal and prohibited. Users will visit our website at their own risk, and we do not advertise any of the games that we offer.


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